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Silver Oaks High School
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Silver Oaks High School


Silver Oaks High School is location on Heerengracht Crescent, Eldorado Park,
Extension 2, Soweto, South Africa.


During the first expansion stage of Legacy, nine of the individuals who have enrolled with Legacy at Eldridge Primary School have also attended Silver Oaks High and wanted Legacy to be active at this school and would like their funds to go Silver Oaks High School as well.


On the Thursday the 19th of April 2012, We Believe in Eldorado Park met with Mr Le Roux, the principle of Silver Oaks High. Mr Le Roux, liked the concept and was willing to introduce We Believe in Eldorado Park and Legacy to his School Governing Body, for their approval.


On Wednesday the 25th of April 2012, We Believe in Eldorado Park met the Silver Oaks School Governing Body and presented Legacy to their team and showcased the result we have achieved thus far with Eldridge Primary.


Mr Le Roux and schools’ SGB mentioned that when Legacy will be running at the school, they would like to see it focus firstly on skills development, improving the toilets and a focusing on discipline. Other ideas where a counselling centre, more classrooms, improving the safety and security, creating Christianity programs and reducing late coming at the school.

Silver Oaks SGB meeting notes


We are currently awaiting feedback from Mr Le Roux and the school's SGB about rolling out Legacy at Silver Oaks High.


Legacy educators



On the 10th - 11th of May, Mr Cloete, Mrs Stuart (Eldridge Primary), Mr Le Roux and Mrs Maskane (Silver Oaks High School) attended the Symphonia, "Art of Community Building Workshop" at the All Saints Anglican Church in Fourways, Johannesburg. We Believe in Eldorado Park's Legacy made this possible working alongside Symphonia and with the support of SAB's funding for the two principles. We Believe in Eldorado Park will be hosting a workshop at Eldridge Primary and Silver Oaks High School led by these four educators during the month of May. This workshop will be inspired by what these educators have learnt from the "Art of Community Building Workshop", and will startwith a specific grade and class, inviting parents and students to communicate and share ideas for the betterment of themselves and their schools. The aim of these workshops is to empower these educators, and allow them the opportunity to empower others, such as their families, their schools and our communities






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